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Looking for a new Furry Friend?

You can submit an application to us. We can review it prior to Saturdays. Submitting an application prior does not place a cat on hold or guarantee approval. We ask all adopters prior to arriving read in detail our application, disclosure form and contract. Please bring it with you when you arrive on Saturday as we are unable to print them on Saturday. A volunteer will review it with you upon arrival. Some of our cats are eligible to go home same day. We do not let adopters know which cats until they have chosen their cats and been approved. Cats are a 15+ year commitment, we do not want our adopters decisions to be based on convenience of same day adoption, but of a connection and commitment of a new friend. Please visit our FAQ page for further information

Our Meet & Greets occur every Saturday at 11 AM-2 unless otherwise noted.

It is still first come, first serve. We will have a sign up link posted on our door. Some adopters like to come early than 11am. Please join the list when you arrive, we will text you when it is your turn to come in. Please do not form a line or congregate outside as other adopters are then unaware they must sign up to come in. You may go to the store, have a bite to eat or wait in your car. We allow time for the adopter to arrive back at the rescue once notified it is their turn to meet the cats.

 Please visit our FAQ page to learn more on our adoption process. We reserve the right to ask any adopters to leave and their application denied if anyone in the party is being belligerent to other adopters or the volunteers. No children under 12, you may face time additional family members if you want. All applications must be completed or adopter maybe turned away. Please have complete past pets veterinarian listed, please call your vet to give us permission to speak with them about prior and still owned pets care. 

Auction Appointment times are for adopters who want first choice, not to arrive early to wait in line, are able to bring children under 12 and more than 2 per party. You will be bidding on the appointment times, not an actual cat. Cats listed as available that week will be available to chose from. Appointment times will allow the winner to have the rescue to themselves to chose their cat. 

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