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Looking for a new Furry Friend?

How can I adopt a cat?

Attend our Meet & Greets that run every Saturday from 11am-2pm. Unless other wise noted


Here’s how it works

We are a first come first serve rescue. When you arrive, scan the QR code on the door. You will be added to a queue. You will see a projected wait time, please disregard  the wait time as the app can not calculate how long each party will need to chose their cat . Please plan your day accordingly.

Be patient, we are entirely run by volunteers. Please do not form a line or congregate outside the rescue after signing in as other adopters think there is a line and don't sign in.

You can leave the vicinity without leaving your spot in line. Feel free to go get a bite to eat or a coffee. We will alert you when it is your turn to come in.

Not all cats are eligible to go home the same day.

Remember, cats are a 15+ year commitment,  we do not want our adopters' decisions to be based on the convenience of same day adoption. We want that decision to be based on a connection and commitment to your new friend. We do advise you to bring a carrier understanding you may not be able to bring home your cat same day.

We reserve the right to ask any adopters to leave and their application denied.


No children under 12, but it is perfectly okay to video chat additional family members while you are in the rescue, as long as you remain respectful to the other adopters and volunteers.


Once you select the cat you would like to adopt, you will work directly with one of our adoption counselors  to finalize the paperwork, pay the adoption fee, and learn what you’ll need to know before bringing your furry friend home.



You must first complete an application. We highly recommend completing this online before coming in. you may send it in to our email for review. We can let you know of any changes prior to coming in to help avoid delays at the door when coming in to meet the cats.  This application does not place a cat on hold or guarantee approval. Please read this application thoroughly and bring it with you when you arrive on Saturday. We cannot print them for you.

A volunteer will review it upon arrival. You will not be able to see the cats until the application,contract and disclosure form  is complete.

Please call your vet in advance to give us permission to speak with them regarding any past and present animals in your care. 

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