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We are open on Saturday at 11am unless otherwise noted. We have a QR code posted on the door, please scan the QR code sign in and we will text you when it is your turn to come in to meet the cats. Please visit our adopt page for further information and the application. WE WILL BE OPEN SUNDAY 6/9/24 10-12PM INSTEAD OF SATURDAY 6/8/24

Occasionally we will hold an auction for appointment times, for adopters who want to come on prior to opening for first choice of cats/kittens. Please click the link below to join the auction. Monies raised for the auctions go towards the care of these litters

CLICK BELOW TO JOIN THE AUCTION, AND GET FIRST CHOICE AT METING OUR CATS The cats listed on the auction site will not be available this week. Please read the auction prior to bidding to understand the process


Our mission is to provide a safe haven for cats in need, providing them with veterinary care and a healthy, clean, loving environment to live in while waiting for their forever homes. Young, old, special needs, angry or scared - at Cat Tales we believe every cat has a story.

We take in cats both locally, as well as cats who are from other states from high kill shelters, on the streets or have lost their homes, as space allows.

We have rescue partners throughout NH and the country to help bring these cats to us. As they say, it takes a village, and we’re fortunate to have a large one! The volunteers and volunteer partners with Cat Tales care deeply for each and every cat, and we strive to make a better life for cats to whom life has not been kind. We pride ourselves on the fact that we partner with an incredible veterinarian who comes to provide care to our cats on a weekly basis. 

Along with taking care of their physical health, we work tirelessly to provide love and understanding to all of our cats. Many of these cats come to us neglected and uncared for, but with a little patience and a lot of love we help them blossom into the best version of themselves.

We are the last shot for many of the cats we welcome to Cat Tales.  Our goal is to never say no, regardless of age, behavior, or medical conditions, and to give each cat the chance to finally have an incredibly loving and caring home where they never have to be cold, go hungry, or be subject to harm and cruelty.

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