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Cat Tales Rescue



We are ONLY open Saturdays to meet the cats

We will be open Saturday 11:00am

We will have cats & kittens

You can join the wait list to meet the cats on Saturday at 11:00 am

We will close the wait list at 1:00pm (this doesn't mean we close at 1:00)

 You join the wait list on Saturday at 11am it will tell you how many people are ahead of you THE ESTIMATED

WAIT TIME IS NOT CORRECT. THE WAIT TIME IS TYPICALLY 10 MIN TO 3 HOURS, please do not form a line we will text you when it is your turn to come into the rescue. We can not answer phone, texts or emails on Saturday 


Please fill out & read thoroughly our application, disclosure form and contract. Bring it with you on Saturday. We will fill in the cats name when choose your cat on Saturday



We are an all volunteer rescue. Yelling or berating the volunteers will result in you being asked to leave immediately

We are VERY busy on Saturdays inside the rescue. We are unable to answer calls, emails or text messages

​​No Appointment Needed, Please Wear a Mask & No Children Under 18 Allowed

​​We are currently only listing a few of our cats on Petfinder.  We have available cats and kittens not listed in the rescue. You do not need to submit your application prior to arriving, however sometimes we do have cats that are eligible to go home on Saturday if we receive the application prior to meeting the cats. Please bring your application with you as we are unable to print them on Saturday at the rescue.


 Upon arrival you, MUST adhere to our new protocols

●Must wear a mask

●Must use hand sanitizer prior to entering, provided in our vestibule.

●30 min maximum visit time inside the rescue.

●No kids under 18 allowed in rescue.


●Keep 6' away from any volunteers.


Adoption Fees:

Under 1 year old 250.00 over a year 165.00

We are located at 920 Lafayette Rd unit 201 Seabrook NH directly to the right of

Linda's Breakfast. We do not have a sign.


We will schedule a day/time for adoption

Checks, Cash, DC & CC will  be accepted

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Contact Us

 920 Lafayette Rd Unit 201
Seabrook NH 03874 

Cat Tales


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